Back in Seattle as I packed up my bags and apartment I wavered as I put my camping gear in a storage unit but thought "I'm moving to a city, I won't use it". Well, here I am camping, and at a viking altar! Luckily I was able to borrow a bag and tent and the temperature doesn't dip much at night. We didn't have the best conditions: the Nordic weather site called it a "fresh breeze", I called it a strong wind. It also poured in the early morning hours but my tent stayed impressively dry, considering. But then I awoke to sun through the trees and calm seas off the spit. We cooked over open fire, shared remarkably different stories about growing up across the US, attempted some long exposure photos, found some sea stars, swam in Isefjord, saw the most impressive tall ship, and sketched with the charcoal remains. It was a perfect night out.